Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance provides flexibility, automatic repayments, and immediate access to capital.  Our Exclusive Capital Funding Merchant Cash Advance Program, also knows as a Business Cash Advance, can bring your business the working capital it needs quickly by providing immediate access to capital, in exchange for a percentage of your future credit sales (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX).  Repayments are flexible and affordable, and determined by the daily cash flow of your business. So when your sales are high, your advance is paid off faster. Accordingly, if your sales are lower, your automatic payment is lower.


A merchant cash advance can help with:

  • Inventory management
  • Equipment purchases
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Short-term capital needs
  • Employee Salary’s

Benefits of our Merchant Cash Advance:

Our focus at Exclusive Capital Funding is to find the perfect financial product for your business, and to deliver funding for your immediate financial needs. Our Financial Specialists are committed to making the process fast, easy, and secure. Below are a few more reasons.

Flexible Repayments

Repayments are based on a percentage of your daily credit card sales. When sales are low, payments adjust automatically.


Quick Approval

Call us today at 1-646-620-9088 for fast approval, or apply online, and get approved within 24 hours

Easy Financing Now

Get approved for up to 250% of your current monthly credit card sales, with immediate access as soon as you’re approved.

How to Prepare Before You Apply

As with any financial product, there are a few questions to consider before you apply for our Merchant Cash Advance. Having this information ready will help us serve you more effectively:

  1. Is your sales volume affected by seasonal sales?
  2. How much of your total sales is credit card sales?

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow our Business Advisors to better serve your unique funding needs.

Merchant Cash Advance Requirements

For standard Merchant Cash Advance products, a small business should be in business at least one year, and have monthly revenue of at least $5,000.  So we have a few more options:

Starter Merchant Cash Advance

With as little as 3 months in credit card sales, a small business can apply for the Starter Merchant Cash Advance. You may qualify for up to 50% of your average monthly credit card sales in funding. After your advance is paid off, you might qualify for increased capital on better terms.

Premium Merchant Cash Advance

If your business is more established, and you’ve been in business for more than three years, we’ll offer you options with an even lower cost basis.

Ready to Apply?

The following four items are all you need to get started:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • A Voided check from your business account
  • Last three bank statements from your business account
  • Last three credit card processing statements

It’s  that simple.Give us a call right now at 1-646-620-9088, and let’s get your  BUSINESS FUNDED NOW !!!!

Up to $200K, fast.

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