Business Line of Credit

The Business Line of Credit is designed to meet the needs of your small business when unexpected obstacles arise. Many situations can appear beyond your control, but with a Business Line of Credit, you have the financial safety net you need.

As a trusted direct lender, we ensure business owners have fast and flexible access to working capital. Let us support you through periods of seasonal slowdown, limited cash flow, new contract or inventory needs, and much more.

Get approved for a large amount of capital, access the funds at different times and for different business purposes, but only incur cost on the funds you draw.


Easy access: Total access to all the funds you need, when you need them


Utilize different  amounts of capital for any purposes on an ass-needed basis

No hidden fees

There are no additional or hidden fees on the capital. Only incur costs on what you draw

No Restrictions

Use the capital funds for any and all aspects of your business, without restrictions.

Up to $200K, fast.

Request a free quote and a dedicated Account Executive will contact you soon to discuss your financing options, or call us today at  646-620-9088