Inquiries? Are we Here to Help?

We need to make getting a credit from Accion as simple as could be expected under the circumstances. In this way, we need to share the best inquiries we get approached and answer them for you.

Founded in 2015, Exclusive Capital Funding has successfully developed into the trusted industry leader that it is today, providing thousands of small business owners with the financial support they need to grow effectively and succeed.

Yes, Exclusive Capital Funding provides online access to all of its clients and partners so they can each review real-time updates and account statuses.

Exclusive Capital Funding is a direct funding source. We conduct all of our own Underwriting and supply direct funding through our own bank financing.

To find out how much money your business qualifies to receive, complete our brief online application. You will receive a free, no-obligation quote from an Exclusive Capital Funding Account Executive, who will help you review your funding options.

Exclusive Capital Funding offers a no cost / no obligation quote. We do not charge for “out of pocket” expenses such as credit reports, D&B reports, overnight mailing costs, and so on

Each business is unique and, therefore, receives a customized quote based on its particular needs and situation. Several factors influence the size and cost of the financing, including business size, industry, as well as other factors. To find out how much your business qualifies to receive and the associated cost, apply for a no-obligation quote.

Exclusive Capital Funding has financing solutions for business owners with strong, well-established credit as well as business owners with imperfect credit. It is not necessary to have good-to-excellent credit to receive financing.

Our proprietary approval process allows Exclusive Capital Funding merchants to enjoy high approval rates and funding within 7 days.

Our products are designed to work alongside traditional financing. As long as you meet our requirements, we can still provide you with financing without affecting your other obligations.

Exclusive Capital Funding financing can be used for any business purpose, including purchasing inventory, repairing equipment, renovations, expansion, reducing debt, and emergencies expenditures. You are free to spend the money on whatever is best for your business.

Your business advisor is the best contact in regards to questions about your account.

Exclusive Capital Funding provides you multiple levels of support ranging from real-time online statements available to you 24 hrs a day to a dedicated business advisor to speak with and answer any questions. We believe communication is key and want to make sure you are well informed.

Up to $200K, fast.

Request a free quote and a dedicated Account Executive will contact you soon to discuss your financing options, or call us today at  646-620-9088